Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Time

Summer finally came and we have been loving the vacations, extra time together, and visitors!

We started our summer off with a visit to California! Camden turned 8 and we wanted to be there for his baptism.
We went to an A's game to celebrate the birthday boy. We even did it Bushey style and tail-gated before. We had a really good time being with the whole family.

 Just a little backyard basketball for the Hoppes Family!

Once back in Utah we had a few things planned to keep us entertained. Of course it was hot for most of them, but we made it work.

We went to a Bees game for FHE with the in laws.

4th of July we were pretty low key this year. We went for a swim at the lake and then met up with some family. I love having family close by so we can spend the holidays together.

Of course we had to watch the fireworks!

We celebrated our 1st anniversary! 
I honestly can't believe it has already been a year. I feel like we got married and got right back to normal life. It has been an amazing year and I'm so lucky that I married such a good man. We have so much fun together and LOVE our time together. 

 We stayed close to home and spent the weekend in SLC. It was nice to get out of the house, but not have to travel very far. We ate, slept, watched movies, walked, swam, and laughed a lot. It was a perfect weekend for just us.
 We even tasted a little bit of our left over cake!

Mark LOVES Rush! He bought tickets so that I could experience it for myself. We had a good time and they put on a really great show.

Cami and the kids were able to make a visit to see us! We loved having them here. We play the Wii a lot, swam, ate, and snuggled. It was nice to have our house full of people for a couple of days. Hopefully they will come back again soon!

Pioneer Day! Mark had the day off so we were LAZY! We stayed in bed late, got lunch, napped, and then watched the fireworks from afar in Herriman. It was just the kind of day that we needed.

The next day the family decided to head to Donut Falls for a little hike and then campfire afterwards. I really love this hike because its quick and easy and the reward is so amazing. Last time we went there was a ton of water and you couldn't really see the Donut part. This time Mark and I were able to climbed up the waterfall and go into the little caves to see it all. The other perk was that it was so nice to share it with family. We love having everyone close by and getting together to just hang out and laugh.

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