Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Great Big World

A couple years ago I was introduced to an amazing artist named Ian Axel! He is a tall white guy with a huge fro! Who wouldn't love him? He plays the piano and is amazing. Well he is now in a band! The Great Big World is adorable. I seriously love them. They are making it big right now also! They recently had a song featured on So You Think You Can Dance, their song was performed on Glee, and they just barely sang with Christina on The Voice. I'm so excited for them because they really are such wonderful guys. Of course I was thrilled that they were coming back to Utah (they did a show in a basement last year) and that it was at Kilby Court. 

Kilby Court is one of my favorite venues. It is a garage, down a dark creepy alley! It's usually freezing inside during the winter, but you are standing right next to the performers.
 The WORST part about concerts are having to suffer through the bands before. Sometimes you luck out and they are good. Last night they were NOT. I was going a little crazy.
I had never heard them perform with a full band and it was incredible. I was very impressed with the guys that played with them. They were a great addition to Ian and Chad.
 Ian...the greatest adorable! 
He played a song by himself about his heart getting broken and it was beautiful. I'm really glad he joined up with Ian a year ago.
 At one point the band came into the crowd and started singing. It was beautiful and so fun. I love it when bands are still small and humble and willing to be one with the crowd. Always makes for a great show!
Here is their song, Say Something, that was performed on The Voice!

This song and this video make me so happy!

If you don't know A Great Big World, look them up!

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